It’s all about Everest

Mount Everest, the tallest peak on earth at 8,848 meters above sea level, has been drawing adventure enthusiasts toward it since the early 1900s. In the initial years of exploration, only strong climbing parties with supplies lasting for months could reach near this magnificent peak. The opening of Nepal for foreigners in 1950s and the summit of Mount Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary, however, made Everest a household name. Adventure outfitters started operating guided walks to the Everest region. In the initial years, one had to arrange everything – food to accommodation – on their own, as there were not lodges and teahouses. However, the Everest region today has comfortable lodges serving a wide range of foods. Today, Everest Base Camp is in the bucket list of many people across the world. Along with the classic Everest Base Camp route, many new routes have been opened in the Everest region, offering trekkers multitude of itineraries to choose from.

Everest Lodge

Everest Lodge is an adventure outfitter operating lodge trekking and other tourism activities solely in the Everest Region. The company is promoted by a group of individuals who grew up listening to stories about Everest and learnt the trade from legendary mountaineers, Sherpas and adventurers. The company strives to offer trekkers the best possible service in the Everest region. All our staffers are trained and have years of experience as well as the passion for travel and adventure. Our field staffers know the routes in the Everest Region like the palm of their hand. They know how to take care of guests, and how to react in case of emergencies. With Everest Lodge, you are in safe hands at the top of the world!


Our Philosophy

Client satisfaction is the main motto of Everest Lodge All our works and activities are guided by this motto. We always make sure that our clients get the true value for their money and we do not hesitate to go that extra mile to assure a memorable holiday experience of our visitors. While traveling with us, you not only enjoy your holiday but also enrich your experience. By taking you right to the foot of the tallest mountain on earth, we acquaint you to the people, their culture and tradition and they daily life. We encourage our clients to maintain sustainable tourism practices so that fragile mountain environment and timeless culture of the local people is not affected by our activities.